Dynamic designed multi-form jewelry

Artsilver jewelry is unique handmade stunning multi form jewelry, this type of jewely is simply not available in the fashion jewelry stores and can only be acquired from this website or at one of the selected shows attended by Shandor.
We only use the finest Sterling Silver and semi-precious stones hand made by an artisan jeweller and all our work comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Handmade designer multi-form jewelry by Shandor Edward Madjar

Bought a ring and pendant this weekend and can’t say enough good things about them! They are gorgeous and I plan to buy a few more of your designs in the near future.
Karen Lewinski, Macomb

I happened onto your website by accident but I have added it to my favorites list. Your work is awesome and I can’t wait until I can purchase one of your pieces of art.
Carol Norton, Decatur

Please continue as we love your Unique designs.
Terese Kleczynski, West Bloomfield

Hi. We purchased a very unique ring from you at the Raceway in Richmond Va. I love it, and always receive loads of complements
Christina Lawrence, Maidens

Please note:

For all new and existing customers entering my site, please note that all art jewelry and wearable art creations are made from solid sterling silver and currently the gold and silver market has been at a record 25 year high. This has forced me to raise all my jewelry prices. The new prices are being up-dated.

Because we are a small company and all our jewelry designs are handmade and “made-to-order”, it takes 14-60 days to complete your order, including creation and shipping. ArtSilver.com is always available for questions and will contact you upon completion of the order.

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